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  • Free Domain Name For The First Year
  • You Own Your Site
  • Multiple Pages
  • Backend Security
  • No Annoying Ads
  • Free Email
  • Pricing Table
  • eCommerce


Free domain name for the first year......the domain name is your website address. We pay the first year fee..currently the renewal fee is only $15.00 per year. The only other fee you will have is a monthly HOSTING fee as little as $5 per month. The hosting fee is the charge to have your website on the internet. Both the domain name and hosting fee are paid to another company.

You own your site.....Unlike most other web design companies we don't want to own your website. They use that ownership to charge you a monthly fee for maintenance. Not us! We handle maintenance when you need it.

Multiple pages...Whether you need one page or six pages.

Backend security...We install a security system to prevent spam, and unwanted intrusion into your website.

No annoying ads.....Many web design companies like WIX are currently making you pay a monthly fee to avoid having ads not related to your business pop up on your website. Not us!

Free email.....Many web design companies like WIX charge you a fee to have email so folks can email you. Not us!

Pricing Table.... Do you have products or services with pricing. We will build a table to show those products or services with the pricing.

eCommerce....Let the fun begin!!! Here is where customers purchase products or services from you and you get paid with funds going directly into your credit card or PayPal account.

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