Let Us Add eCommerce To Your Website

Our eCommerce store will help you maximize profits, increase sales, assign discount coupons, and more.

Our fully functional eCommerce store allows you to:

Add items easily...including item descriptions, photos and pricing.

Automatically put items on and off sale.

Create percent off coupons for use when emailing your customers.

Calculate sales tax...calculate shipping costs.

Sell your products internationally

Inventory management with warnings when inventory is low.

Allows PayPal and Credit Card transactions.

And Much, Much More



We....Install the eCommerce software on your website.

We....Review all settings to ensure the software manages your store and products as required. 

We....Set up the payment section to ensure you are able to accept credit cards as well as PayPal.

We....Set up automatic state sales tax calculations if requested.

We....Set up automatic shipping fee calculation if requested.

We....Set up automatic inventory control if needs if requested.

We....Add up to 20 items to your store.

We....Produce a YouTube video for you showing how to add/delete items making the process of managing your store easy.

We will be available troubleshooting your store for one month after the above steps are completed at no extra charge.

Only $299.00

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